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Trinity Financial Services' Negotiation process has been time tested and developed over the years of experience by our team of professionals in the field of finance and credit card debt. All of our professionals are highly skilled in each of their fields of expertise.

We are well aware that there are millions of individuals in our economy today that are experiencing saver credit problems. Those same individuals are receiving collection calls, dunning notices or letters that are threatening, harassing, rude and intimidating.

We at Trinity Financial Services deal with these life situations on a daily basis. In order to determine what you can do to alleviate this stressful situation there are several questions that need to be asked. For example; should I just ignore the phone calls, letters and move away? Should I file bankruptcy and if so should it be a chapter 7, 11 or a 13. Should I get help from a debt consolidation company or try and have my debts taken care of by a consumer help organization? Should I get help from a debt settlement company?

As you can see there are many choices, but how do you determine which is best for your needs and situation? This is where Trinity Financial Services comes into play. Each of our consultants is certified by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators and Consultants. You can have confidence that the advice you receive will be sound, practical and above all helpful. We understand that you did not intend not to pay your debts. We also recognize that you would never have obtained the credit that you have if you were a person that was not responsible and one who runs away from their obligations. Life circumstance will affect all of us one time or another. Not everyone knows how to handle the terrible experience of being hounded day and night by creditors.

If you find your self in the above situation, there is help.
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We have assisted and guided many that were experiencing the same condition and now they are debt free. So call us today to take the first step in becoming debt FREE!!